Best Quotes

  1. “Love Makes Life Happy But Sometimes Love Damage Your Life”😀
  2. Keep far way from whom said Love you , who loves you they never express.
  3. “Make your life strong No one can make you cry”😍
  4. “You cry in front of someone You become very weak in front of him”😊
  5. “No matter how much trouble a person has, he should smile keep Smile always”
  6. When I did not care for those who go from my heart,
  7. what will I care about those who go home? 💔💔💔💔
  8. “Life is not easy. It is not easy to get what you want.Life ends in fulfilling one’s dream.How much do we lose to get one thing, and very difficult to find real love in this world”
  9. “who Whose belongs here . All is with you in happiness, All is gone in sadness “
  10. “Love me or hate me but not leave me alone because I love you so much”
  11. “love is medicine for life but some times love is dangores for life.__Manish
  12. “There was a lot to say you , rest was live life with you , of lossing myself I found you, rest was to understand same thing to you”
  13. “What is life, What is death , I am happy when i am with you ,Not you not either becuase I LOVE YOU “
  14. “Love Make Life happy if you care your love “
  15. “Love is Medicine for Life ,But sometimes love is dangerous for love”__Manish Mishra
  16. Where is love now, Where is love there is life .Nothing in this world without love
  17. Love is a meeting of two hearts Where there is only love or nothing else.
  18. If anyone finds true love in life, he needs nothing more Life is incomplete without love He who has true love has everything
  19. I have your hand in my hand, Be with you all your life, I am happy when you with me